“’Children’s Letters to God’ is a whimsical and charming family-oriented production about the innocent joys of growing up! An endearing, kid-friendly musical.”

The Daily News

“’Children’s Letters to God’ has a sweet, warm heart and a fine young cast!”

The New York Times

“Cheery and uplifting as a live-action Charlie Brown special, ‘Children’s Letters to God’ features an energetic cast of five theater pros, not one of them older than 15!”

The New York Post

“This musical may well turn out to be this season’s ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!’”

Peter Filichia / Theatremania.com

“Thank Goodness for “CHILDREN’S LETTERS TO GOD”, a musical so clever, funny and musically hip that it makes at least half of today’s Broadway tuners look like kid stuff!”


“Looking for a show for kids AND adults? This one might be the answer to your prayers”


“A wonderful show for all ages! Five very talented kids star in this smile-making musical based on the international best seller.”

Wallstreet Journal, Zagat Theatre Survey

"An affecting, thoughtful, feel-good musical that combines humor and serious inquiry and reflects the directness of youth and the challenges of childhood."

The Jewish Advocate

“Wonderful! We hope everyone sees this bold, wonderful and very worthwhile show.”

Rabbi Gelman / The God Squad

“I loved it!”

Joey Reynolds / WOR Radio

“Cheery, uplifting and energetic!”

The New York Post

"Get a second chance to hear some of the cleverest words and catchiest melodies to hit Times Square in many a month."

Michael Dale, Broadwayworld.com

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“CHILDREN DELIVER FIRST-CLASS ‘LETTERS’!   Delightful, funny, and touching stage adaptation.  The tunes are catchy and clever, and they’re sung with gusto and polish by a cast of five.   The show does best what the book did best by letting those voices come through loud and clear.”

Tom Sime, The Dallas Morning News

“IT’S WORTH WRITING HOME ABOUT!  It has everything!  Engaging characters, an energetic score, text and lyrics that range from cute and clever to poignant.  For grown-ups, it fondly jogs the memory.”

Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“A HEARTFELT, HIGH-ENERGY GEM!  A simple, touching, but joyful piece that illuminates the wonder of children’s everyday lives!  One can only imagine that many schools, churches, and family theaters will be eager to stage this dynamic piece.”

Kathi Driscoll, Cape Cod Times

“Take your child, whether a real child or your inner child, to see "Children's Letters to God." The show is well-produced and appealing. It is like the best of Disney coupled with "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" at its earliest incarnation, before it became dog-eared with time.”

Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today